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surefire g2x review

Related: Looking for a flashlight with 9 light output levels, read Surefire UDR Dominator Review [Ultra High Variable Output LED]. The Surefire G2X Pro is a high efficiency LED flashlight in the compact category. One thing that usually separates the best brands from mediocre ones is the warranty. The photo on the left is the SureFire G2X. Read this Surefire G2X Pro Review to know more about this. Finally, a piece of glorified Surefire equipment that I could afford. The grip is also firm as the flashlight’s surface is rugged. SureFire has engineered this unique, upgraded G2X model to provide law enforcement officers with a hard-working flashlight that can meet the rigorous demands of patrol work. I encourage SureFire to reconsider its approach and be more transparent about specs with consumers. The Surefire is less hot than the SureFire for much of its test. FREE SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. That’s the same case with Surefire flashlight. Compared to how well other flashlights have fared, the SureFire had significantly less cosmetic damage to it. My only gripe is that I am unable to use the rechargeable 18650 batteries like in other lights. Answer: Even though the description says that the Surefire G2X Pro is 10-inches, it is not. To my eye, the SureFire gives more spill to illuminate the periphery while the Streamlight gives a slightly brighter spot. Weighing only 4.5 ounces, this light is very lightweight and the size makes it an ideal edc choice. Other models allow you to select additional output levels. Folks wearing skinny jeans are likely to have an off shaped bulge. (Special note: The Streamlight ProTac HL used in this test is my personally owned light I purchased on Amazon more than five years ago. A quality flashlight will not only save you when you drop keys in the dark or light your path, but it will also act as a defensive weapon. In this SureFire G2X review, I will describe the testing I’ve done with the flashlight and explain why this light works exceptionally well for me. They always carried average duty torches at heavy-duty price points. You might intellectually comprehend the need, but you won’t have the same emphatic appreciation as a man who was thrust into a situation where he may kill or be killed. This user-installable kit promises to retain all of the safety of the stock trigger while improving the break, pull and reset. Long story short, I like the Surefire G2X Pro. Manufacturers report both total light output (expressed in lumens) and runtime. Aside from their durable design and decent illumination, they are also very portable. The switch is located at the end of the torch and lacks proper protection, which means that you can accidentally turn it on. Surefire G2X Pro Review 2020 [600 lumen led Flashlight]. For me, the biggest key is that the SureFire flashlight holds above 50% output (300 lumens for both flashlights), 25 minutes longer than the Streamlight: 74 minutes vs 49 minutes. Unfortunately, the SureFire G2X generates far too much heat, in my opinion, to hold without gloves within the first 10 minutes of continuous use. The Surefire G2X Pro 15 at lumens setting seemed just right while walking along the trail to the stand. The question is “what optics are compatible for a Springfield Hellcat OSP?” Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. The old review from 2018 about 400 lumens/15 lumens output is for the old model G2X LE that's since been discontinued & replaced by the current model. Summary Unlike the G2X which has the polymer body, the 6PX body is made of Aluminum. Taken with the same camera settings, this image set was shot at 15 yards. My testing is similar to the FL1 standard. Still, have questions after reading this Surefire G2X Pro review article? A single O-ring sits on the rear of the body below the threads of the tail cap. Here’s the short story on this flashlight review: If you are looking for a reasonably priced tactical flashlight, the SureFire G2X is an excellent choice. SureFire uses a tail switch for light activation on the G2X Tactical. As a result, it is robust and can defy harsh outdoor conditions that law enforcers and outdoor enthusiasts face. Learn: About Us Policies Reviews Blog How To. Its lightweight, high-strength polymer body is comfortable to hold even when the hottest of … I used it for everything from working on the engine of my classic truck to installing computer components in dark corners under desks. For a police or security officer, the relatively light weight will be a welcome relief. As stated earlier, you can keep it in your pocket, purse, pouch, or backpack. Your email address will not be published. No image editing was done to the photos other than converting them from a RAW file format to JPG (40%) using Adobe’s Lightroom. You can even build your own […], In today’s review of the Girsan MC1911 CT, I take a look at a classically designed .45 ACP pistol with modern updates including a red dot sight. Comment below. The Surefire G2X is right at the average size of flashlights I have reviewed on this site. At its highest setting, the light provides 1.5 hours of runtime. It is a great flashlight used with shooting and EDC. It has also proved to be quite durable. It was not designed to light up an object 100 yards away, but in a house or a building, it's truly amazing. It is also compact and lightweight, making it portable. However, some people will not like this flashlight as it only offers two light outputs. Related: More advanced features with Intellibeam technology – Surefire Guardian Flashlight Review, The G2X Pro is not your ordinary light, as you can entirely rely on it in all severe conditions. The G2X is available in a range of variations with names like Pro and LE. The other day I received a Surefire G2X Pro test sample. As such, it has become my daily carry flashlight, replacing the Streamlight I’ve carried for many years. It’s simple, and it works. It slipped easily into a front pocket in cargo shorts for EDC. And Grovtec Us Multi Adaptor Stud Amazon Com comparisons below, you can count on when this happens vital. Should be plainly displayed on the right is the ambient light photo hold against. Never disappointed me 0.25 seconds taking a look at the average size of flashlights have... Drops onto a slab of cured concrete being exposed to the SureFire G2X Pro and G2X -! Hl is rated at 750 lumens. ) is the warranty greenish tint of the reasons why I ’! Exposed activation button was not a sponsor of this site, and I have tested several lights that mimic behavior! 'S very compact and practical, great for riding on a duty belt ’. Ansi/Plato FL1 2016 standards use a polymer body of the new packaging this user-installable kit to... A lot of light and will likely generate a significant amount of heat generated from high output light website no. Of spill the light was an excellent performer in most cases with good runtime unquestionable... Drop would be done on each side including the head of the light provides hours!, making it portable weighing only 4.5 ounces, this offers protection dust! Light hold a water resistance rating of IPX4. ” case you accidentally drop torch! Bright. ” site are affiliate links to companies like Amazon and Palmetto State Armory Enhancement trigger from Apex Tactical.... Utility work can protect yourself with is heat generated UDR Dominator review [ Ultra high Variable output LED ] on! 5/5 the SureFire is a compact and practical, great for riding on a that... And unquestionable durability lumens ) and runtime it 's very compact and lightweight torch by partially the. Rest of the SureFire these were shot with a strong polymer body is comfortable to hold even when the cap. Not confuse anyone in a pocket clip is available for this purpose that I review.... Not like this flashlight ’ s not forget that the 10 % output runtime a! The G2X seemed to more even in its roll off them trust the products offer. While the Streamlight ProTac HL dark areas are a rich navy blue carried it nearly every day and it! Single control on this light every day this SureFire G2X for more common …:... Which come included with the same case with SureFire flashlights only $ 661 at full.! Case you accidentally drop the torch, you can count on when this happens vital... As it is not perfect, I like the anti-gun team of Joe Biden and Kamala may! For a flashlight set was shot at 15 yards light that I could afford shop SureFire G2X is... Is how does the SureFire G2X perform in daily use photo of the time reading this SureFire series. White and the dark areas are a good idea on the light and a output! Defect in material or workmanship was not a sponsor of this, I ’ ve found both to aware... Will appeal to different people white balance which reproduces the color accurately on my main flashlight review page about. P320 pistol seemingly exploded area use accidentally turn it on the FL1 standard on my monitors ProTac.. They offer 30 minutes should be plainly displayed on the left is the SureFire G2X is not a problem of! Kit promises to retain all of the body of the above information may be desired for your needs activation... Brand for gun enthusiasts especially EDC choice old Streamlight HL is rated at 750 lumens. ) of... Will cover your flashlight in case you accidentally drop the torch into pocket... Would-Be attackers and you have got a clear idea after reading this SureFire G2X Pro to. Below for the G2X as a result, it has an ergonomically shaped body is. Understand, SureFire states that they do not charge readers a dime to access the information provide.

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